Saturday, January 4, 2014

Day Four

"How do you think your life would change if you achieved your dream?"

        Well, technically, I have already achieved my dream, and that dream was to be published.
        However, what was published was not a big novel, or the book I've been writing for the past 8 years. It was a short story, published in an anthology with six other authors and their stories. It was something that was completely unexpected and amazing and exciting, and it only happened because for the first time in many, many years, I was brave. I took a risk. I made an attempt to ask a fellow writer who runs a small publishing company with a few other people if they accepted submissions.
        They don't.
        But luckily enough, she was willing to read the story to see if it was something they would be interested in, and sure enough, she emailed me back and said she wanted it.
        I cried.  Tears of happiness and shock and "holy shit, is this really happening?"
        So a short story that I wrote, based off a really weird, cool dream while I was visiting my best friend in Binghamton, was published in October 2013 by 7DS Books, in an anthology called Linger.

(do you see my name?!?!)

        Having this story published has changed my life by opening a lot of doors for me.  Many publishing companies won't even look at you if you've never been published before.
        Now I can put on my resume that I have been published.
        And that is truly amazing.
        Of course, my next dream is to publish a full size novel. My problem is that I am currently working on too many stories (because I have too many kick ass ideas, curse you, imagination!) and my mind is so jumbled on all the ideas, that I am having a hard time focusing to actually finishing one.  The Aubrey Nightingale Series has been my "book of the heart" and I attempted to self publish the first part of it in 2012.  It probably wasn't the best idea because it was not edited professionally (that shit's EXPENSIVE, and way out of my price range right now).
        And the book was never supposed to be a "series" or split into parts.
        "Aubrey Nightingale" was one book.  One big, beautiful novel with no sequels or prequels because, let's face it, EVERYTHING is a freaking trilogy.  Sometimes, it is necessary to go back to one book stories, because 3 or 4 or 16 books about the same characters in the same universe is just too many.
        My plan is to finally finish this book, take it off Amazon as self published, and even though I might have to change the names and the title, I'll do it right this time.
        My foot is already in the door, all I have to do now is push it open.
        I know my life will change when that book is published, but in all honesty, I have no idea how.  Maybe I'll finally become financially self sufficient.  Maybe I can buy a house for my family.  Maybe I'll go on the Ellen show because that's the only show I'd ever agree to go on (because Ellen is fucking awesome.)  Or maybe, I will just be happy that after all these years, I'm finally able to share with the world a piece of literature I've put my heart, my soul and even some blood into, and that would be enough for me.

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