Friday, January 17, 2014

Day Seventeen

"Who is your idol and why?"

        I don't really have an "idol" per se.  I don't follow any sect of organized religion because I'm not a big fan of the whole "Do what I say or I'll hurt you!" philosophy.  I am a spiritual person, but the universe is way too complex for us to understand, and while I am not denying the existence of a "God" (using that term loosely for lack of a better), I don't think human beings have fully grasped that ideology yet.
        However, I think there are many good people in the world who do good things and I wouldn't say I "idolize" them, but I do see them in a way in which I believe them to be genuinely good people and I would like to be good in a similar way.

        J.K. Rowling

        Ricky Gervais

        Paul Newman 
        Those are all famous people, the ones we can see and hear about.  I also think very highly of:
       Teachers, especially Special Education Teachers.  I worked as an aid for about six months, and I remember how hard it was.  Being a teacher is not easy, especially with all of the problems kids have these days .
        Paramedics, nurses, doctors, and anyone who works with the sick or disabled and truly wants to help them.
        Nursing home workers.  Elderly people need help and in order to work in a nursing home, you have to really want to help people.  I cannot imagine that being an easy job.
        Those who work with people with mental and/or physical disabilities.  Props my friend.  Serious virtual high fives.

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