Friday, January 31, 2014

Day Thirty One

"What is your horoscope for today, and do you think it’s accurate?" 

"Family obligations seem to be your top priority these days, perhaps even to the extent of avoiding the work that's expected of you now. Thankfully, you can clearly see the light at the end of the tunnel, motivating you to follow through on your promises. Your willingness to jump in without reserve enables you to get results faster than you expect. More than anything, you want peace at home and this is your chance to make it happen."

        This does seem fairly accurate for me lately. My fiance has been out of work this week due to dental surgery (had all 4 wisdom teeth out) and I've been taking care of him, cooking him scrambled eggs and making sure he takes his anti biotics.  I have a tendency to avoid doing a lot of work, whether it be house work or writing, when people are home because... well, we live in a trailer and everyone is cramped into the living room/dining room/kitchen (they're all one big room).  I have a very hard time writing with people reading over my shoulder, and cleaning when people get in the way or make a mess right after I clean.  So, I wait until everyone is gone (normally Monday's) to get most of my work done.  Things like laundry and dishes are things I do daily, so I still do that.  But I don't organize or dust or anything that means I need room to do it.  
        The light at the end of the tunnel for me is Monday.  Most people hate Monday's, when I normally love them.  I get the place to myself for seven whole hours(about) and I can get SO MUCH SHIT DONE.  Weekends are always stressful when we have everyone in the house and it's been too cold here in Upstate NY to go outside to do anything, so we've all got a touch of Cabin Fever.  
        I am really hoping that Punxutawney Phil doesn't see his shadow so spring will hurry up and get here.  That's a whole other light I am looking forward too. 

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