Thursday, January 30, 2014

Day Thirty

Throw Back Thursday! 

          Today, I've decided to have a little fun with my blog and see if I could find any interesting stuff about myself or pictures from 10 years ago today.
          10 years ago today, I was 19.  I'd just returned to FLCC for my third semester.  Dylan's father and I had gotten back together over the break, either that or right around this time, I can't remember for sure.  Here are the classes I was taking that semester:
  • MUS-107 02 Music Theory II (B+)
  • MUS-126 01 College Singers (A)
  • MUS-131 01 Piano (B)
  • PE-214 01 First Aid RTE (B+)
  • PSY-100 04 Introduction to Psychology (B+) 
        That semester was probably the first semester I didn't get anything lower than a B. Which surprises me a little, seeing how distracted I was with Dylan's father.  But I went to my classes and tried to get my GPA up.  (My first semester at FLCC, Spring of 03, my GPA was a 1.5 ... First semester of college was a serious wake up call for me, in many ways.)
        You can tell, this was when I was still a music major.
        I wish I had some pictures from back then, but this was right when the whole cell phone/camera phone thing was starting with the general public and I can't find any.  I know I don't have any here, and if I did have some, they'd be at my moms house, up in her attic.
        I do have a picture of me from the previous thanksgiving, 2003, which was only 2 months prior, so here ya go.


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