Saturday, January 25, 2014

Day Twenty Five

"Who do you wished lived closer and why?"

        I actually have two people I wish lived closer.  
        My best friend from Binghamton.  
        And my friend who lives out in East Bumblefuk.  
        Why? Because I miss them and I love them like sisters and I don't have many friends around here.  I know I'm not the biggest people person, but there is a difference between being alone and being lonely.  I like to be alone sometimes because I get more shit done when no one else is home or around to get in the way when I'm cleaning, or read over my shoulder when I'm writing. (BIGGEST ANNOYANCE EVER. Do NOT read behind me when I am writing anything.  It gives me so much unneeded anxiety...)
        Other times, I feel very isolated and lonely.  I don't have my own car yet, but soon I plan on getting one.  It's something I need for my own sanity and health.  When I lived in Binghamton, my friend lived right down the block from me, so Dylan and I would walk to her house almost daily and we'd let the kids play and have our cup of coffee and chats and I miss that.

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