Monday, January 27, 2014

Day Twenty Seven

"List 5 favorite girls names and 5 favorite boys names."

        Only five?? Oh, boy. This is going to be hard. 
        For those of you who don't know me very well, I am OBSESSED with names.  Doesn't matter that they're for; babies, pets, cars, body parts, characters, etc.  I love names.  I have a very long list of favorite names for boys and girls.  Narrowing it down to five is going to be hard for me ... But, here we go.  

1. Skyelar Violet (if I ever have a baby girl, this will be her name.) 
2. Nova 
3. River
4. Lorelai 
5. Astrid

1. Soren Jace 
2. Tyson
3. Orion
4. Roman
5. Theo

If I had twins, they would be:
Two Girls: Skyelar and Sunshine (nm Sunny)
Two Boys: Soren and Storm 
One of each:  Skyelar and Storm
(I don't think my fiance would ever go for the twin names.  These are all me.)

        My next female cat will be named Khaleesi. And I shall get her some little kitty dragons. 
        I also really want a hedgehog, but I haven't thought of a good name for him yet.  I refuse to name him Sonic.  Way too obvious ... 

Some Character names I've used...
Aubrey Nightingale 
Azra Sparrow 
Rhea Kenti 
Fiona Lennox 
Declan Raddik 
Shae Rivers 
Dylan Meyer 
Storm Raymond 
Sunny Raymond
Lydia Sloan
Vincent Damek 

And so many more ... 

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