Thursday, January 23, 2014

Day Twenty Three

"Who are your ten favorite people right now, and why?"

        1. My son, but that's always.
        2. Veronica Mars, because she is getting me through this horrible cold and it's a pretty good show (thank you, Amazon Prime). 
        3. The people at Vicks for inventing DayQuil, NyQuil, and Vapo-rub. 
        4. The people at Kleenex for making tissues with lotion so my nose doesn't hurt so much.
        5. The people who measured, cut, stitched, and put together my Micro Sherpa Fleece blanket because it's fucking awesome, and soft, especially when you're sick.  Blankets always feel softer when your sick.
        6.  My fiance, because I forgot Half & Half at the store this morning when I got my medications and he's stopping on his way home from work to get some for me. And because he's hot.  
        7. Lorelai Gilmore... well, Amy Sherman Palladino, for creating and writing the character of Lorelai Gilmore. She was perfect the first 5 seasons.  
        8. The doctors at my OB office for finally telling me that I can't get pregnant with the ovarian cysts, and gave me an actual solution, instead of a temporary fix. (crossing fingers for no more pain!!)
        9.  Gov. Andrew Cuomo for trying to legalize medicinal marijuana in New York.  The plant was put on this earth for a reason, and I don't mean to get high, but to help heal people, safely. 
        10. My friends, the few, but true women in my life who I can always rely on to chat with, drink with and vent to, no matter what.  And it goes both ways.

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