Monday, January 20, 2014

Day Twenty

"What do you think makes a person beautiful?"

        Not necessarily their face, or at least, not their face alone.  Because it can be gone in an instant. Do you remember poor Katie Piper's acid attack?
        It was a horrific thing to be done, but unfortunately, other things besides acid can do some pretty serious damage, like car accidents or random acts of violence.
        However, a pretty face means nothing when you have an ugly heart.
        What I think makes a person beautiful is a having kind, loving heart.  Being understanding and sympathetic.  Having a deep quality. Being focused on what's really important in life, not looks or things or money, but people and animals, and kindness and generosity.
        If you are shallow, materialistic, self obsessed, narcissistic, and selfish, you are one of the ugliest human beings alive, and not just in my eyes, but in the entire worlds eyes.

        But hey, hindsight, right?
        So, if you want to be beautiful, be a good person.  Do good things.  Not only will other people like you, you'll feel good about yourself.

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