Thursday, January 2, 2014

Day Two

"What is something that is illegal that you believe should be legal?"

        I think a lot of people will agree with me on this, but I also know a lot of you will not.  I have seen many people suffer with pain or anxiety or other illnesses that are treatable with the correct medications.  I'm one of those people who prefer natural remedies over chemicals, if they are more effective and safer than man made medicines.
        There is so much this one plant has the ability to do, and a lot of time, it does not require getting high or smoking it.  There are cannabis oils that help prevent seizures.  And when you think about it, prescription medications can also get you high as well, and a lot of them are addictive. 
        Marijuana is not addictive.  
        I am pro legalizing marijuana totally, and putting the same laws on it as alcohol, taxing the shit out of it, and guess what? We'd be out of this recession in a year!  However, I do believe, if anything, medical marijuana should be legalized to help people who are suffering.
        I find it strange how we treat animals more humanely when it comes to suffering, than we do with people.  If an animal is suffering and in pain and will most likely die, we do the "humane thing" and put it down.  For some reason, that's not ethical for humans, so we just let them live out the rest of their days suffering.  
      If you don't believe in euthanizing humans, fine.  But don't make them suffer... that's just as inhumane.

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