Thursday, February 13, 2014

Day 44

"Acts of Kindness, Random or not."

        My Aunt is without a car and has been on disability/early retirement for about four years now.  She struggles with similar issues I have, like depression and anxiety, except hers is a bit more severe than mine, but I won't go into details.  She also has other health problems such as Graves' disease, which ultimately lead to her needing her thyroid zapped to kill it, and taking a supplement to replace the hormones the thyroid would normally produce.  She is very isolated, which for the most part she doesn't mind, but I can understand that sometimes, it can become very lonely.
        So, whenever I have the car, I sometimes go over and visit her, help take some garbage out and vacuum (she has a hard time due to spinal issues), and recently I started bringing her to the grocery store.  My grandfather usually takes her every Thursday but he hurt his wrist and is unable to drive for a few weeks.  Since I don't work outside of the home and rarely have anything pressing to do, I do not mind doing these things for her.  I like to hang out with her.  She is incredibly educated and intelligent and can always keep up a good conversation, even though I don't talk very much, I usually enjoy listening to her.
        Today, I took her to the grocery store (Wegmans for the WIN!) and it felt good knowing that I could help someone by doing something so simple, so easy as bringing them somewhere they needed to go.
        I will continue to bring her to the store until my grandfather is able to again, and if he is not, then this will become a weekly thing for me and I gotta say, I'm looking forward to it.  I feel like it gives me something, even though it is small, to look forward to.

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