Thursday, February 27, 2014

Day 58

"What are your favorite pair of shoes?"

        I know a lot of women love shoes.  They love shoe shopping and heels and sandals and all the different colors, and they buy multiple pairs of the same shoe in 5 different colors and patterns, and I'm over here like, I've had the same pair of sneakers for 7 years.
        When I was still living in Binghamton, in about 2007, I bought a brand new pair of pink and black Etnies, because they were incredibly comfortable, and because, back then, of my love of pink. They were the most expensive pair of shoes I've ever had and I remember at the time, I was second guessing whether or not I should pay $75 for a pair of shoes. But I have no regrets. These shoes have lasted me for 7 years, all seasons, all weather, walking for miles and miles and I love these freaking shoes.  
        I hate shoe shopping.  I go to Target,  buy three pairs of cheap flip flips in the summer and by the end, I've torn apart all of them. But it's worth it because living in Upstate NY, you only need flip flops for about 3-4 months, if we're lucky. The majority of the year, we're in boots or sneakers.
        I do not wear heals.  Ever.  I bought a pair once and almost broke my ankle.  I do have flats I've had to get for weddings, one black pair, and one red polka dot hemp.  I do love those shoes. Not the most comfortable to walk long distances  in, but they're the easiest to slip on when I have to check the mail or run to the store.

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