Sunday, February 9, 2014

Day Forty

"What was your least favorite subject in school?"

        Hmm.  Well, it depends on the year.  
        History was always the most boring for me, and junior year of high school was the hardest... My teacher was SO boring. Nicest lady, but oh my gawd, she was boring. 
        English was annoying.  I loved writing but I hated the required books we had to read.  I can't remember one book I actually liked in high school, and fucking Shakespeare... I don't know why they still teach something that is so outdated, no one can understand what the fuck he's talking about.  Hasn't anyone ever heard of something being "lost in translation"?  
        Math was my favorite subject in 8th grade, but after that, it became pretty hard for me.  In NY, when I was in school, we had Course 1, 2, 3, then pre calc, and calc.  I was in course 2 three times, so... 
        Earth science was boring.  Biology wasn't too bad.  Never went past biology though.  Didn't need to when I was in school.  
        Music was my favorite.

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