Saturday, February 1, 2014

Day Thirty Two

"Fucking Rant"

        Fucking ignorant fucking cunts.  I fucking hate them.  They make this unnatural anger rise inside of my chest and all I want to do is punch someone in their fucking face.  Or cut myself.  But I'm not 16 anymore and I haven't done that in 8 years, so I'm just going to let it all fester inside of me until one day I explode and end up killing a shit ton of people who piss me the fuck off, because it's easier for me to buy a gun than it is to get mental health care.
        Here is a perfect example for you of ignorance at it's best.  People don't get food stamps on the first of the month.  Some people get them on the 2nd, or 4th, or 8th or the 16th.  I don't know how they figure it out, it might be based on the date you apply, or a random selection, but you can get food stamps on any day of the month.
        But, you know what?  It's okay that you don't understand.  You've never been in situation where you've ever needed food stamps, so your ignorance is forgiven.  I just hope, for your sanity's sake, that your company doesn't decide to downsize you, or your husband never gets laid off or business gets so low that you have none, and you're always safe in your little corner at Walmart, where all those government moochers are not there spending the pennies they get to feed their kids, while the corporation you work for gets a 5 billion dollar tax break, and the CEO's smoke their crack and meth, all while only having to work 4 hours a week and still make more money than you make in a fucking year.
        I know where you went to college, I know you're not that stupid.  You work for a fucking bank.  You work for the biggest fucking government moochers there are in America.
        Not everyone who gets assistance are cheating the system.

        SNAP are so rarely abused ... less than 4% of people who get them are abusing the system.  It's not easily faked. You have to show them proof of income and they check every six months.  My problem is people are so upset over the select few who abuse food stamps, which is a few hundred dollars a month, versus the billions of dollars a month that banks and CEO's steal because they get a free pass from paying their fucking taxes.  
        This country is so fucking broken and we don't even know it.  "Just because it's on the internet doesn't mean it's real" well, JUST BECAUSE IT'S ON THE NEWS DOESN'T MEAN IT'S REAL EITHER. Who do you people think controls the news?! 
        And again, refer to the above picture.
        People are HOARDING MONEY and no one seems to have a problem with that!  The rich don't always work for their money, either! They inherit it, or work 4 hours a week and spend the rest of their time smoking meth and vacationing in the Cayman Islands or skiing in Switzerland... 
        I am so fucking sick of being judged by people who have no idea what it's really like, because feeding my kid will always be more important than my pride.  You don't know my situation.  You have no right to judge me. 
        I look around at everything I have and consider myself lucky, because in this country I might be poor, but compared to the rest of world, I am fucking rich. I have clean running water and heat and electricity and a solid roof over my head. This country has become so fucking materialistic and shallow, it can't see the ground anymore with it's nose stuck so high up in the air like that...  
        Fucking fucks. 

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