Thursday, March 6, 2014

Day 65

"How well are you prepared for the future?"

        I'm not even prepared for the present.  Hell, my past still haunts me! And you expect me to be prepared for shit that hasn't even happened yet?  A time I have no window to look through and know what to expect?

        I am so not even close to being prepared for the future, and I've never been.  I've never had a savings, or been taught HOW to save. I try not to dwell to much about it because anything could happen, and I don't want to freak out over shit I have no control over - I do this enough already, but most of the time it's for something I know is going to happen in the near future, like tomorrow, or next week, or next month.

        I just now realized that this weekend is Daylight Savings, so now I have to prepare to lose an hour of sleep ...

       However, that does mean the Cosmos will be on an hour earlier, and, ya know, more daylight, which I am TOTALLY okay with! I am so sick of winter.  It needs to be spring, and stay spring, forever.

        Dylan's birthday is coming up and I am semi prepared for that.  I've gotten him a few presents and we're planning to take him to the RMSC, as requested by him.

        Trying to find a car... that's been fun ...

        I have no wedding plans, or moving plans, or anything major happening in my life anytime soon ... at least, I don't think I do ...

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