Sunday, March 23, 2014

Day 82

"A trip to Barnes & Noble"

        Oh, it is a bad place for me to be.  Especially with a paid off credit card.  But Matt promised his son we'd go and get him a book this weekend.  The only thing he's struggling with in school is reading so we have set aside an hour each day on the weekends for reading.
        I consider myself very lucky that my son was reading like a pro by the time he was 4.  I remember the summer before he started pre-school, he came in my room and started reading Harold and the Purple Crayon to me, and I was blown away at his fluency and accuracy.  He knew words I didn't think four year old's could know, but there he was, reading like he'd been doing it for years.
        So, while at B&N, I did not buy anything for myself, which I was very proud of, seeing as I still have shelves of books to read at home, but I did get Dylan books for his birthday and my mom kind of a "joke" book for her birthday and Matt got a couple books.  The used book section is so overwhelming and yet so beautiful, both Matt and I were standing there like, "I want it allllll."  Drooling like Homer Simpson does over donuts.
        The bargain books will be the death of me.

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