Thursday, March 27, 2014

Day 86

"What do you love the most about your grandparents?"

        When I was a kid, I had a close relationship to my Father's parents, especially Grandma, but as I grew older, I pulled away from that side of the family because after my parents split up, there was a lot of hostility, and I am a lot more like my mother's side of the family.  
        Now, I have a closer relationship to my Mom's parents, who are funny and quirky and stubborn as fuck.  My Grandmother is the sweetest woman in the entire world.  She always has the best stories to tell and loves giving me her wedding magazines after she reads them.  My Grandfather can be a grumpy son of a bitch, but when I bring Dylan over to see him, he gets so happy and excited, he's like an entirely different person.  He loves Dylan to bits.   Every time we go over there, he gives Dylan some coins from his collection and tells him stories from when he was a boy and Dylan's like "Wait, YOU DIDN'T HAVE TV?!?!?" LOL  
        I still see my paternal Grandmother on holidays, but she is 89 years old now and has had her hips replaced and has a hard time getting around.  Her husband is not my Grandfather, but a man I always knew as "Uncle Eddie" - a family friend when my Grandpa was still alive, but my Grandma and Ed got married about a year after my Grandfather died when I was about 10.  I remember my real Grandfather being real grumpy and mean, but I was young so I don't remember much.  My Grandma recently gave us a queen size bed they no longer had use for, which was nice because our bed was only a full, so this gives us much more room.  I like my Grandma, but I never feel like I'm good enough for them.  They're the "rich" side of the family and I always feel very out of place when I'm with them.  That and I'm too much like my mother, so obviously that doesn't help...  
       The thing I love most is that they are still here and Dylan has a chance to know them.

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