Thursday, April 3, 2014

Day 93

On Motherhood 

You know you're a good mother when ...

  • you put your child before yourself
  • you're nurturing.  you take care and actually give a shit when your kid is sick and don't get pissed at them and think they are lying as they puke all over themselves in the car waiting for you to get your Chinese food. 
  • you're patient.  you listen.  you take the time to hear what your child is trying to tell you instead of telling them to sit down and shut up
  • you value their opinion, whether it's "right" or not... 
  • you have the ability to love someone other than yourself, and the size of your partners wallet.  

You know you need to have your tubes tied when...

  • you have permanent brain damage
  • you're a drug addict 
  • you're self obsessed 
  • and this
  • Oh, I know one of these, and she is a mother ... I feel bad for her kid. 

        You can keep reading them if you just click next, I really don't have to post anymore.  But seriously.  Just don't or stop having kids if you only care about yourself and money.

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