Thursday, May 1, 2014

Day 121

"A Historic Event"

        What might seem like something small to a lot of people, are, in fact, serious, major, life changing events for others.  Like me, for example.

         Because tonight, I got my first car.

        Most people get their first cars when they are teenagers, either for their "sweet 16" or 17 or for High School graduation, but not me.  I didn't even have my license until a year ago.  I never thought it would happen, honestly.  I thought my son would have a car before I would.  It's 13 years old, but it's a Honda with respectably low mileage (less than 122k) and it needs brakes and tires.  I am lucky enough to know two Marines who were able to do the brakes for me, and Monday, hopefully, I can go get the tires put on.  
        Now, I can start looking for a counselor again.  Because I need therapy.  My anger issues have been pretty bad lately, and my hormone levels are not helping any.  I need to fix my mind and body to get them both to a healthy place and having a car is exactly what I needed to get there. 

       Oh, and it's also our 3 year anniversary... crazy. Still never getting married, though.

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