Friday, May 2, 2014

Day 122

Busiest. Week. Ever. 

  1. Sunday, spend most of my day looking for cars on craigslist.  
  2. Monday had an OB appointment that left me crying and wanting to brutally murder a lot of fucking people, really fucking slowly....  My friend Alyse came to spend the week with me.  Matt and I looked at a car.  Was a broken POS.  Passed. 
  3. Tuesday we looked at another car.  This ones not so bad.  Also the kind of car I've always wanted, a Honda.  We gave her on offer.  She said she would ask about it, but since she's moving out of state, would probably accept it.  On our way home, in Matt's car, we popped a front tire from a giant pot hole on 390. Fucking potholes. After a few hours, she texted me and accepted our offer.    
  4. Wednesday we (Alyse and I) had to take Matt's car to get his tire fixed, but they didn't have a rim.  Had to order it.  
  5. Thursday we took the car back to Mr. Tire, walked around the plaza and had lunch while they fixed it, aligned it, etc, then went to pick up Dylan from school and Matt from work.  Around 7pm, the girl came here with my car and we signed all the papers and gave her the plates and parked it in the car in the port.
  6. Friday, I saged and blessed the shit out of my car, hung protecting amulets and gemstones on my mirror, took pictures, put on stickers, made him handsome.  When Matt got home, we went to State Farm, got car insurance, then went to the DMV, got plates, registration, etc. Then we bought the brake parts at Advanced Auto Zone (that came with a $20 online rebate!) and Matt and his friend put them on for me while I took my aunt grocery shopping with the Colbalt. Alyse went home.  

        And I only had 4 panic attacks.  I'm getting better.

        Tomorrow is my best friends baby shower ... in Binghamton.

        Excuse me while I pass out from exhaustion.

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