Saturday, May 3, 2014

Day 123


        When a person genuinely thanks you for doing something for them, it is not wise to make them feel like an ass for doing so.  Or to make them feel like their words are meaningless or invalid.
       So, when I "make a speech" expressing my genuine gratitude to all the people who helped me get through one of the craziest weeks I've had in a really long time, do not say to me "it's just a car, not an Oscar."
        You might have though it was funny.  A few other assholes also thought it was funny, but I did not.  I was honestly shocked by your mockery of me, especially when you were one of the people I was thanking.  Should I not have thanked you?  Next time, should I tell you to fuck off? Should I act like an ungrateful bitch and demand you do more for me?  Maybe I should go smoke some crack and disappear for days with your kid?
        Well, fucker, my hormones are still unbalanced and my anger management is non existent.
        I hate to break this to you, douche bag,  but it is an Oscar, because that's what I fucking named him.
        Meet my car, OSCAR:

        Oh, and that crack in the road right there?  It was caused by my wrath.
        That is what I am fucking capable of.

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