Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Day 161

"Describe your future wedding."

        Um... non existent

        I know so many women who dream of their wedding day.  They plan every little detail down to the tiniest of things.  Half of which, I've never even heard of.  
        I honestly don't care about the wedding, because it's the marriage that is important and what should be focused on, not one day out of the rest of my life.  
        So, if by some miracle, I get over my fear and actually do get married, all I want is for the flowers to be purple and my dress to be flattering. 
        And for there to be no more than 25 people.  I do not like crowds and I sure as hell am not equipped to walk down an aisle with a million people staring at me.  
        No fucking way.  

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