Thursday, July 10, 2014

Day 191

"What do you think your life will be like in 10 years from now?"

        I think it's going to be awesome.  
        My kid will (hopefully) be in college, learning amazing things about whatever it is he wants to learn about, and doing amazing things because he will be 19 and that is just so insane to me. I will be on the verge of turning 40. My life will be good. I am optimistic that things work out with my fiance and I, and by then maybe we'll even be married. Our kids will be grown, and him and I can travel around the country, maybe even the world. His son will probably end up doing something with cars or video games, maybe go into game design, or become a mechanic. He says he wants to be a cop, so maybe he will do that. I feel like everything is so wide open for all of us now, that anything is possible. Maybe I will be published again, with a full length novel or two or more. Maybe I'll be waiting for the movie version of my book to come out. 
        I think our lives are going to be phenomenal.

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