Sunday, August 10, 2014

Day 222

"What does your name mean according to urban dictionary?"


        1. An extremely common female name.
        2. A wonderful name that means "gracious gift from God".
        3. Jessica is the sweetest girl you will ever meet. She is known to be the sexiest person who walked the planet. Boys get nervous when around her and a lot of boys have a crush on her. Jessica is aspired to by others. She will show you a good time and also has a crazy/wild side to her. When you meet a Jessica, you will have a hard time forgetting her! She falls in love easily and loves to laugh. But she has a down side to her, like every girl, she has great shyness. When she falls in love, she falls deep. Boys love her! Jessica in a term means goddess. She has incredible looks. When you find a Jessica, don't let her go! Shes beautiful, talented and guys like to often flirt with her, but she doesn't take that to heart. She isn't perfect, but then again, who is? She's very artistic. Boys are lucky to have her! She's also very supportive and a great friend! She speaks her mind and doesn't care what people think! She has great eyes and hair. Jessica is very loyal and open. She is loved by lots of people and even people whom she might not know about! She is an all round amazing person who everyone is grateful to have in their lives.
        4. The absolute most perfect person on the planet. No arguments. Everything about this girl is so amazing that she is sometimes thought to be an angel or goddess. She is the most beautiful girl to live on this planet. She will deny that, but it is a true fact and everybody knows it. She is the kindest, most caring person ever who will do anything to make you feel special. And she has the cutest laugh, smile, face, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

        5. There is more to her name than the popularity of it. The most incredible woman in the world. Her smile can light up a room. She is also brilliantly beautiful and intelligent. She can be very witty and sassy.

        There are a lot more... but, holy crap... seriously?? 

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