Saturday, August 30, 2014

Day 242

"Are you excited for anything right now?"

        School starting next week, even though I am also sad at the same time. Dylan will be home on Monday, that always makes me excited. But I have two whole days, just me and him, and we get to spend some quality Mom and Kiddo time together. My favorite thing in the world to do. 
        Also, my birthday is in a month. The big one. 3-0. Trying to think positive and be optimistic about it all. My twenties were pretty rough and confusing and, not all bad, but it's been a bumpy road, and I'm in a place now where I am ready to put them behind me and become a full-fledged adult. I want to move on from my past, and jump into my future with an open mind, with no anxiety or depression, or anything holding me back.

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