Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Day 288

"Recommend a few Tumblr accounts you like/follow, and write why you recommended them."

  • Ernesto's Starship - Because Matt Davis is a genius, hilarious, caring, giving, and probably one of the best human beings I have ever had the privilege of knowing (online).  
  • A Spirit Inspired - This is my own kindness blog, with a little bit of myself thrown in; author/writing posts, outer space, cats, quotes, some gilmore girls and doctor who, and just some posts I really like. 
  • TWLOHA - To Write Love On Her Arms; A positive place for people who have ever self injured or been suicidal. 
  • Kids Need Science - because kids need mother fucking science! They are our future!
  • The Actual Universe - because it's beautiful and magical and wonderful. 
  • Beth Revis - Writer of the Across the Universe trilogy (so good) and a wonderful person! She also posts really beautiful pictures. 
  • Michelle Hodkin - writer of the Mara Dyer books (MY CURRENT OBSESSION!) She's also funny and posts good Mara Dyer pictures/gifs.
  • Fuck Yeah Gilmore girls - because, Gilmore girls.

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