Monday, November 3, 2014

Day 307

"What are the memories you have when you think of kindergarten?"

        My teachers name was long, hard to pronounce, and very Italian. Mrs. I-uh-cully? Mind you, I am spelling that phonetically because I have no idea how to actually spell it. 
        I remember one time we had show and tell, and I brought in my Barbie music tape and made everyone in my class do a really bad version of the running man dance. I don't remember what song was on the Barbie tape, all I remember was that I loved it and I thought it was the coolest show and tell I ever did. That's what happens when you're 5 and it's 1989/1990.
        I remember liking homework because it was so easy. Three apples plus two apples equals how many apples? And there were PICTURES of apples. It was great.
       And my kitten dress. OMFG I loved my pink kitten dress. But I went to catholic school, so I couldn't wear my dress to school... Stupid blue and yellow striped uniforms. 

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