Monday, November 10, 2014

Day 314

"What is your definition of the word hate? Talk about 3 things you hate."

        I think hate is probably the worst word in the English language. I'd rather have my kid slip up and say "Oh, shit!" for dropping something on his foot, than have him say he hated something or someone.
        Most people believe that hate is the opposite of love. Well, it's not. Or at least, for me, it's not. The opposite of love is fear. The opposite of hate, I think, is acceptance or compassion, maybe.
        It's okay to dislike things, like brussel sprouts or Billy Baldwin, but hate is such a strong, hurtful, powerful word. I don't use it often. I mean, yeah, sometimes I slip up and say "I hate snow!" But that's a momentary reaction caused by being frustrated by the weather. 
        I truly, honestly, 100% do not hate anything, or anyone. 
        I do, however, dislike many things. Snow, for instance is one of those things. I do think it's pretty when it first falls, and it's white and fluffy and sitting so pretty on the tree tops and the flakes get caught in my eyelashes... but then you have to drive in it. And the plows push it all up against the side of the road and RIGHT in front of your driveway so you have this five foot pile of snow to shovel before you can leave for your doctors appointment, that you're already late for because you had to get on all those extra layers and boots and parkas and hats and gloves. GAH!
        I really dislike snow. 
        I also dislike brussel sprouts and green beans. They taste like the smell of fresh cut grass. Argue with me all you want, THEY DO!

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