Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Day 315

Happy Veterans Day! 

        Today I am writing a special post to all the Veterans and families of Veterans because my fiance is a Marine Corps Combat Veteran who fought -- well, drove a tank -- in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. He went through a lot of challenges and faced a lot of things no 19 year old kid should have to face.
       He always tells me to stop thanking him, but I can't. Because I love him and even though I don't support war, I do support the troops because they're only doing what they are told to do. When you're in the military, you are considered government property, which I find absolutely repulsive because no human should ever be someone else's property, even the governments. Especially the governments...
       But anyway, here's to you and all the Veterans out there! Thank you for your time defending and keeping our country safe.

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