Sunday, November 23, 2014

Day 327

"What fictional character are you most like?"

       I know this is giving myself some high praise, but I'd like to think I am a lot like Lorelai Gilmore, with a little bit of Rory thrown in (with the being a writer and reading a lot.) But, sadly, I also feel like I am a lot like Bella Swan, self deprecating, with low self esteem and just so fucking pathetic, you wanna slap me.
      Unlike her, I do not need to be rescued and turned into a vampire in order to love myself.
       But I feel like I am a lot like Lorelai, mostly because we have similar parenting styles. The way we want to/try to raise our kid is almost the exact same.
       And also, Tiffany from Silver Linings Playbook, in that we've both taken the same medication, and suffer from anxiety/depression. But I don't dance...

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