Monday, December 8, 2014

Day 342

"Are you addicted to Facebook?"

        LOL aren't we all? I think now it's just become a habit.  Wake up, go pee, make coffee, wake up kid(s) for school, get them breakfast, pour coffee, then sit and check Facebook until it's time to get them on the bus, drive/walk to bus stop, come home, drink more coffee, read more Facebook, play stupid Facebook games, shower, get dressed, go to appointments, check Facebook for your phone while waiting, go to grocery store or dollar store or whatever, go home, check Facebook, go get kid(s) from bus stop, let them play games while you check Facebook, again. It's a habit you don't even realize you're doing. It's bad and I hope soon, Facebook will be like Myspace, and something new will come out. I am on twitter, tumblr, and instagram, but they are pretty different from Facebook. 
       So, yes, I am addicted to it. 

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