Monday, December 29, 2014

Day 363

"What inspires you to write?"

        Many things. Music, movies, tv shows, things I've seen, people I've meet, experiences I've had, quotes I've read, dreams I've had. A million different things. Every story I've started came from somewhere, and sometimes, it's just from my own imagination, like when I'm laying in bed, unable to sleep, and I get an idea. It always starts off simple, and always becomes very, very complicated.
        Also, feedback. When I get honest feedback for my stories, most of which is positive and negative together - which is good! - like, "It's a great story, but needs a lot of editing." I love hearing that! It makes me feel so good. I KNOW Aubrey Nightingale needs A LOT of work, and serious editing. I have kick ass ideas, but sometimes I have a hard time getting those ideas onto paper right, so my sentences sound awkward or I used the wrong verb, or I use too many commas. (I have a problem with commas.)
       I also tend to overthink things. One of the many problems with having anxiety. I over complicate the structure of a sentence, edit it one hundred times, and it still never looks right, so I just leave it a mess. Le sigh. Eventually, I will get this under control and be able to finish the damn book.

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