Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Day 365

A List From One Year Ago

        The other day, I found a list of things I needed or wanted in December of 2013. I read over that list and couldn't help but think how much things have changed in one year.
        The list goes as follows:

  • I need my own car. -- ü
  • I want that house in Greece (NY). -- Definitely not anymore. And it sold, anyway.
  • I want an apology. -- More like I deserve an apology. But I have come to terms with the fact that, one, I will never get one, and two, even if I did, it would be fake. Because she is fake, and not worth my time or energy anymore. I was hurt, and I felt betrayed for a long time, so much to the point that if I had ever seen her, I'd have punched her in the face repeatedly until she didn't have a face anymore, but then I realized all of the anger and hatred I was feeling only hurt me, and I refuse to give anyone else that kind of power over me. I learned a lot, and I let it go.
  • I want to finish my novel. -- It's getting there...
  • I want to be published again. -- That one's still true.

  •         I have to say, it's been one hell of a year. I fully enjoyed doing this blog and I am going to miss it. I'm thinking of starting a new blog, just not sure what it will be yet. I am thinking book reviews, or something having to do with writing and books. I need to write more fiction. I need to finish Aubrey Nightingale, finish getting it edited (only chapter one has been professionally edited so far), maybe write something new. Maybe write a few short stories and submit them for anthologies. Short stories I can finish. Poetry, too. I can write some kick ass poetry, but it has to rhyme, unless it's a haiku. I am so OCD about it having to rhyme in order for it to sound like poetry, and my style is totally Dr. Seuss. Not so much the nonsensical words, just the way he rhymes the 2nd and 4th line, and each verse is, usually, 4 lines. 
            I don't have a New Years resolution, really, just to read and write more, but that's an always goal to accomplish for me. I love the way I feel when I actually finish reading a book, instead of getting a chapter or two in, and setting it down for the night, only to completely forget about it for three months. 
            I just want to thank everyone for coming along this ride with me. I know some of my posts were short and boring, and others long and moody, but this blog was me in a nutshell in 2014. 
           Here's to a new beginning. Happy 2015, everyone!

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